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Rental Harvest was born out of the belief that it’s time to change the system to reflect the realities of modern economic life for all renters. Today, rent is often a renter’s biggest monthly expense, so it only seems fair to include rent payments on credit reports..

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  • “I needed a new apartment for my family and I and with not so good credit I was not getting approved for the apartments I was applying for with Rental Harvest I was able to get a new apartment with a very nice view might I add. I refer Rental Harvest to everyone I know!”
    Lisa and Family,
  • At my age and after dealing with cancer I needed help building my credit and I found Rental Harvest. After having my rent reported my score went up and I was able to get me a new car!”
  • Dream TeamV delivered everything they promised. Because we had limited credit history when Rental Harvest reported our rent with the history from our previous 2 years our scores jumped 74 points and we were able to close on our new home. Our customer satisfaction levels are
    Matt & Kelly,