Rental Harvest

Building credit and changing lives since 2013

Our Mission
Our mission is to help as many hard working renters build and increase their credit. We take pride in watching the your credit transform.
Rent Leverage
Rental Harvest was born out of the belief that it’s time to change the system to reflect the realities of modern economic life for all renters.
Over half of the US population's biggest monthly expense is rent. With no current credit to maintain there is no way for a renter to build credit.
Finally there is a easy solution. Rental Harvest reports your rent payment every month to the credit bureau. We also go back 24 months on your lease history to initialize your credit score.

Fact #1
Nearly one in four Americans do not have enough credit history to generate a credit score. Over 100 million Americans struggle with their credit and are denied access to traditional financial products. Rental Harvest was founded to address this huge problem and provide a sustainable and simple way for renters to establish and build credit history through their largest monthly payment, rent! We are passionate about helping renters get the credit they deserve for paying their rent.
Fact #2
Rental Harvest gives you the ability to build credit with your past two years of rent payments. Start building credit with your last 24 months of rent payments the day you register. This can have an immediate and powerful impact to your credit.
Fact #3
Your credit score impacts many areas of your life. Now you can change the course of your future and build credit as a result of your responsible financial behavior.
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I am fortunate to have found Rental Harvest and sign up. I have always wanted to start my own company, but did not have the credit. Joining Rental Harvest has allowed me to get a 2nd lease for my own hair salon!
Lisa Margine
Chicago, Il
I have been investing in Real Estate for over a decade and never knew there was a service that I could offer my tenants. I have completely leveraged my portfolio and created an additional stream of income. I would recommend this to all of my tenants and fellow investors.
Jason Lanes
We still cannot believe it. Our first home! Thank you to Rental Harvest for giving us the extra help we needed.
The Zimora Family
Dallas, Tx
I have always heard about a service where I can have all my rent reported to the credit bureau. I am glad and happy I found Rental Harvest and started my journey. My credit went up 29pts in 30 days. I am forever grateful.
Jessica Brown
Chicago, Il