Landlord Faq

How do I register?
You can register by calling us at +877-351-0008. Or you can register online by providing a copy of your Drivers License and proof of ownership of the rental property where the tenant using Rental Harvest resides.
How do I verify ownership?
It’s super easy to verify your ownership of your rental units. You can verify the information over a phone call. Or you can upload proof of ownership and a copy of your ID through our simple online landlord registration process
What credit agencies do you report to?
We report rental payments to TransUnion. In the future we will submit your tenats rental payments to the other credit bureaus.
What credit agencies do you report to?
No. This is a common misunderstanding; however, in the past only negative collection actions for rental history have been reported on credit reports.
What if I have a couple renting from me? Do they both sign up?
When couples apply for loans and mortgage, both their individual credit scores are pulled. We offer a super easy way to add a spouse during registration.
Do I have to change the way I accept rent from my tenants?
No. You do not need to change how tenants pay rent to you. Your tenants can continue to pay rent the way they currently do.
Why can't I report rent to the credit bureaus myself?
Landlords cannot report rent payments themselves unless they have thousands of units and complete extensive compliance procedures with the credit bureaus. A neutral, third party verification service gives you the ability to submit rent payments to the credit bureaus without taking on additional work.